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Build Modern Analytical Applications with Imply


Internal-Facing Applications

Maximise Customer

Sales and Revenue

Real-time insights for digital-native businesses, gaming, and advertising

Deliver Nex-Gen IT/Security Insights

Real-time visibility to improve business, service, or security ops

Deliver the Best Cloud Service & Experience

Real-time application, cloud, and product monitoring & diagnostics

External-Facing Applications

Deliver Analytics to External Customers

Real-time analytics and visibility delivered to customers  

Key Reasons to Choose Imply


Imply Removes Production Risk

24/7 world-class support, an enterprise distribution, and professional services


Imply Simplifies Data Operations

One-click management and performance monitoring; cloud service


Imply Speed Up Development Cycles

Out of the box enterprise features; built-in interactive visualization software

Leading Companies Moving From Apache Druid to Imply



“We chose Druid and Imply for the foundation of MoPub
Analytics. Apache Druid (incubating) provides a set of
capabilities that borrow from OLAP, timeseries, and search systems. It can achieve low latency (seconds) for queries at the expense of some query flexibility.”


Ippen Digital

Ippen was able to unlock new possibilities and improvements thanks to Imply at the core of their data platform. Everything related to machine learning improvements, tuning, and experimentation is fed by Imply to JupyterHub where the team collaborates and builds cutting edge capabilities for their product.


Game Analytics

“We wanted to build a customer-facing analytics application that combined the performance of pre-computed queries with the ability to issue arbitrary ad-hoc queries without restrictions. We selected Imply and Druid as the engine for our analytics application, as they are built from the ground up for interactive analytics at scale.”


“We chose Imply and Druid as our analytics database due to its scalable and cost-effective analytics capabilities, as well as its flexibility to analyze data across multiple dimensions. It is key to powering the analytics engine behind our interactive, customer-facing  dashboards surfacing insights derived over
telemetry data from immersive experiences.”

Why Imply?

Today, industry leaders are defined by those who can unlock the power of their data the fastest and at moment it’s created. Every second is an opportunity to understand customers more, to deliver better services, and to be more intelligent. Creating a competitive edge requires a new generation of analytics built for rapid exploration of streaming and historical data for any scale, any number of users, and without any delay.

Imply is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, delivering analytics in motion for real-time situational intelligence across every corner of business. Powered by Apache Druid, Imply is the modern analytics platform that empowers developers to build interactive data applications and enables organizations to have live conversations with their data. Its technology overcomes the limitations of log, search, and data warehouses to sense and respond at the speed and scale needed for analytics in motion

Empower Game Developers and Publishers With the Power of Imply

   Reduce the management effort

Focus on the enginerring instead of maintaining infrastructure

   Scalibility power

2 Bn+ monthly players tracked by
the platform. Used by over 100,000 developers.

   Affordable infrastructure

Manage huge amount of data without hitting the limits with an acceptable cost of software

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